Day 40 of #75hard

It’s been 40 days of perfect execution of 75hard. 75hard is a mental toughness program that was developed by Andy Frisella to intentionally do 5 difficult tasks every day for 75 days:

  • A clean diet of your choice, no alcohol (I chose sub 2,000 calorie, no sweets/sugar sodas)
  • Two 45-minute workouts per day, one has to be outside in the elements
  • Drink 1-gallon of water
  • Read 10 pages of a non-fiction book (with the intention of learning something new)
  • Take a progress photo

If I miss any one item (1oz too little on the water, 1 page too little on the reading, 1 drop of alcohol, etc) the program dictates I must start over from day one. No exceptions.

This is my third time through the program:

75hard #1. I missed my progress photo on day 68, then did 7 more days (to get to “75”) and quit. I did not complete the program.

75hard #2. I did the program, but did not execute a clean diet. In my defense, I did not know the diet had to be clean, so I had several pizzas, sugar sodas and desserts along the way. I also did not take my workouts seriously. I did not complete the program.

75hard #3 started 40 days ago, and I am crushing it. I have never felt better in my life. I gained something from each time through, but this time—this real first time through—I know I am never going back. The old me is gone. I’m learning to truly conquer the “bitch voice” and give power to the “boss voice.”

There is no more “on-again-off-again” Josh. He died October 6th, 2021. Gone are the days where I drift through life and half-heartedly attempt new ventures before giving up.

I can achieve anything, and 75hard (read: Andy Frisella) has given me the confidence and tools to forge mental toughness and fortitude out of thin-air.

If you want to join me on this journey and give yourself the gift of massive confidence in the new year and beyond – Start Here

P.S. This is day 17 of 30 in my challenge to write every day for 30 days. How have you been enjoying it so far? What would you rather see? DM me on Twitter @Josh_M_Newman if you want to chat!

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