I Broke The Streak

Twenty days straight I logged on here and wrote a post over 250 words. I got sick a few days ago, and couldn’t bring myself to write. I then skipped 2 more days and now I’m here writing this post.

I kept thinking to myself, “Does any of this really matter? Who even cares what I have to say?”

The thing is, I know I can add value to many people. I know that what I have to say can help people change their lives for the better in a significant way. But after posting every day for 20 days, I got 18 page views on this site from 5 people. (Lower than last month where I didn’t post anything) A bit disheartening to say the least.

But I shouldn’t think about it like that. I am implementing “The Practice” (Seth Godin). I am honing a craft. I am going to continue writing because I know it will change people’s lives for the better (eventually).

A couple ideas I got from reading “The Practice” that I need to implement:

  • I need a genre. I need to fit in a box for people to understand what they should expect from me. I can’t just spout off my random thought on whatever I want to write about. That won’t effectively create change.
  • I need to focus on that genre. And I need to maintain the discipline to focus on creating content for that one genre for a long time. (What should it be though? I have such broad interests and I want to do everything, haha)
  • I need fans. I’ve helped many people get a hold of their finances, improve as project managers and complete #75hard. I haven’t been able to convert them to “fans” in the 1,000-true-fans-sense. Fans will come from a niched genre selection.

I’m kind building in public here. This is my stream of consciousness trying to figure out how to make the best of my future writing efforts. I’ll have more decisions in future posts, and I’ll dive deeper into my thoughts in my book review for “The Practice”

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