Their Win Is Not Your Loss

I’ve been following along in the crypto scene for a while now, and I’m telling you some of these gains people are making is just astronomical.

Just a few weeks ago, Ethereum Naming Service (ENS) released a governance token ($ENS) to delegate partial control of the future of ENS to its early users. All you had to do to be considered an early user was to have bought a “.eth” domain name at some point in the past that was still active. Users were rewarded based on how many wallets had .eth names and how many years the ENS name was registered for.

Some of the people I follow on Twitter reported getting “airdropped” a couple hundred $ENS tokens. Within one day, the value of that token on the open market soared to over $60 USD. That means $6k-$24k worth of governance tokens (a form of cryptocurrency) just appeared out of thin air for early users to retrieve.

These cats bought the equivalent of a car vanity plate for $100 and were rewarded with thousands of dollars in mere months.

All that is awesome and is an indicator of the changes people expect to see in web3. But what really pissed me off is I tried and failed to register a .eth name for myself in August of this year. I lost $75+ dollars to gas fees and could not complete the transaction. I literally was inches away from this airdrop, and I couldn’t help feel a bit cheated.

But then I got thinking. Their win isn’t my loss. They didn’t get a piece of the pie that was almost mine. They made the pie bigger by creating a cool product, and rewarding early adopters. I just didn’t follow through to add more ETH for gas fees to get my domain. That’s on me.

For two days, I was pretty upset, but now I have nothing but joy when I see airdrops like this, even if I miss out. wagmi.

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