Their Win Is Not Your Loss

Just a few weeks ago, Ethereum Naming Service (ENS) released a governance token ($ENS) to delegate partial control of the future of ENS to its early users. … Within one day, the value of that token on the open market soared to over $60 USD. ​That means $6k-$24k worth of governance tokens (a form of…

Your Best Days Are Built In Community

There’s something about a good “lone-wolf” story. Eli in “The Book of Eli”, the Mariner in “Waterworld”, Rambo. They inspire the soul. They are bad to the bone, and don’t take crap from anyone. They stand up for injustice, and fight against impossible odds to victory. I love it. … It’s just…that’s not real life.

Redefine Failure

The only true failure is letting fear win and not giving it your best damn shot.​

I Broke The Streak

I kept thinking to myself, “Does any of this really matter? Who even cares what I have to say?” … after posting every day for 20 days, I got 18 page views on this site from 5 people. (Lower than last month where I didn’t post anything) A bit disheartening to say the least.

Day 40 of #75hard

There is no more “on-again-off-again” Josh. He died October 6th, 2021. Gone are the days where I drift through life and half-heartedly attempt new ventures before giving up.

Just Start

While knowledge is valuable (and learning from other’s mistakes can add decades back to your life), experience (and implicitly failure) is required to grow. You shouldn’t be afraid of failure. Failure is critical, and can often lead to more progress than success.


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