Their Win Is Not Your Loss

Just a few weeks ago, Ethereum Naming Service (ENS) released a governance token ($ENS) to delegate partial control of the future of ENS to its early users. … Within one day, the value of that token on the open market soared to over $60 USD. ​That means $6k-$24k worth of governance tokens (a form of cryptocurrency) just appeared out of thin air for early users to retrieve.

Book Review – “Choose FI: Your Blueprint to Financial Independence”

This book was written by three suburban dads who have all reached FI to varying degrees. I believe it is the simplicity of their backgrounds and normality of their lives that makes this book so exciting. If they can do it, we can too. And since they are not claiming to be gurus or experts, there is a refreshingly accessible tone that invites and inspires rather than simply dictates best practices from on-high.