Want to Reach Your Goals? Keep Working The Plan, Or Change The Plan

If you’ve got a goal you would like to achieve, there is one sure fire way to not achieve it…give up. Just stop now if you’re going to stop later. Why waste your time? Being on-again/off-again does more harm than good. You get to see progress towards your goals, and then watch them fly away because of your lack of consistency.

If you really want to achieve that goal though, (1) follow a good plan and (2) keep executing that plan until you reach the goal. No stopping. If you haven’t reached your definition of success yet, you either haven’t been working the plan long enough, or you’re following the wrong plan.

Here’s an example: Let’s assume your goal is to “lose weight”. You want to lose 20 pounds so you decide on a simple calorie deficit diet, and a HIIT/LIIT training plan. You cut out sugar, most carbs, and you work out for 45 minutes every day doing as much HIIT/LIIT as you can handle. What happens to a person executing that plan every day with no cheat meals and no missed workouts?

They WILL hit their goal 10 times out of 10. It will be an automatic result of putting in the work and not stopping until it’s done.

Now what happens if that person decides to “reward” their effort throughout the week by consuming massive amounts of soda and Panera bread bowls over the weekend. After 52 weeks of working that plan, do you think they’ll have achieved the results they’re looking for? Not even close. Even after 1-year of dedicated work, their is a high-likelihood that this person will have actually gained weight.

Think of a goal you’re working on (or stopped working on) right now. Take some time to think of one. Is it a career move? Is it to get out of debt? Is it a new deadlift max? Whatever it is, take a look at your plan. Ask yourself, “If I executed this plan flawlessly, would the results actually follow?”

Once you’re sure you’re on the right road…Keep. Working. The. Plan…Sure, adjust the plan down the line if you need to, but don’t stop until you’re sure it’s the plan that’s not working (and not just you that’s not working). Don’t stop for any reason. Give yourself no other option but to execute every day. Every day. Break down the goal into something that can be done every day, and do it (wait for it) every day. If you miss one day, never let it be two. Before you know it, you’ll have the results you’re looking for. You’ll be unstoppable.

This is day 5 of 30 in my challenge to write every day for 30 days

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